About us

Bardakçılar Group was established in 1978 and has been successfully continuing its growth and development process since then. With our wide sectoral portfolio, we make a name for ourselves in the fields of wholesale and retail, jewelry, fuel, towing and towed vehicle maintenance, repair and technology. This diversity allows us to create a dynamic business model and adapt to rapidly changing markets. Bardakçılar Group, which is not only profit-oriented but also acts with social responsibility awareness, works in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

As Bardakçılar Group, we prioritize our commitment to values in our company culture. Our core values such as transparency, honesty and customer focus are the elements that shape the way we do business. With our belief in teamwork, we ensure that each of our employees uses their potential at the highest level.

We aim to add value to our customers and stakeholders by adapting to the changing dynamics in the business world. We continue to be an exemplary group company by prioritizing customer satisfaction and ethical values, while establishing the basis of trust and loyalty through the long-term relationships we have established with our customers, with an understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, and we aim to constantly exceed customer expectations.

For the future, our vision as Bardakçılar Group is to not only continue our sectoral work but also to operate in the fields of innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. We want to contribute to positive change by keeping an open perspective to technological developments, reducing our environmental impact and contributing to social projects.

Bardakçılar Group, as an organization committed to values, visionary and open to continuous improvement, continues its journey with the aim of leaving a permanent mark for future generations.




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